About company

    rzt logo PJSC "Romny factory "Tractorozapchast" Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine specializes in the production of spare parts for wheeled tractors.

     After his release, Mr. Romney in September 1943 as directed by the Party and government organs at romenchane-stepped to the restoration of war-ravaged economy of the city.
     At the site where the plant is now, were in ruins, destroyed the building. That's the fittest of these areas, without any mechanization of a small group of people, dozens of people from among the soldiers returning from the front began his first work on the repair of agricultural machinery. Thus was organized at the beginning of its existence, inter-regional workshop overhaul agriculhoztehniki (MMKR), where the repair was made of oil engines and tractor engines HTZ, DT-54, the KDP.
     However, the national economy required more and more machinery and spare parts. In addressing this question, on the basis of former workshops, in 1958, was organized "Romensky plant "Traktorzapchast".
     With the organization of the plant began to grow production. Prior to the establishment of solid targets and the specific nomenclature of the plant itself had cooperated to establish links with other major enterprises rendering, as the production of services.
     In the old, adapted for the production premises, without the most basic amenities, for the first year of operation of the plant in 1959, was released production in the amount of 182 thousand rubles. with a total of 69 persons and the availability of fixed assets by 74 thousand rubles.
     At the time base of the plant in the former premises were MMKR old unproductive equipment that require replacement and modernization.
     Since 1960, the plant gets new equipment, increasing the technical level, increasing productivity, improving product quality, the plant begins to conduct strictlystruction of new workshops, administration building, warehouses and other necessary for productive activities, sites.
Now the factory covers an area of 2.5 hectares and produces more than 100 kinds of products for wheeled tractors, trucks and legkovyhavtomobiley, and consumer goods.
     The main products are: thrust steering for tractors, UMZ-only 7 variants, four joint names of a uniform, my fingers for cars GE-53, GAZ-24, "Tavria" Moskvich M-412, ZAZ, KAMAZ, UAZ-469, MAZ.
Disbursed and produce about 20 kinds of new products for automotive vehicles, harvesters.
These are the spare parts, as the axis, the upper rod, bushing, strut, floor, and others.
     The plant's products are in great demand both in Ukraine and abroad. The main customers is Russia, Belarus, Hungary and others.
     On April 1, 2008 in the enterprise quality management system in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001-2000. Certificate issued by an independent organization TNO Certification BV PJSC «Plant Romensky "Traktorozapchast"and its representation in Russia - LLC" MTS ", Kursk are regular Participants of the largest international agricultural and industrial exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries, where quality is a constant recognition of the plant.